Ficosota OOD is a Bulgarian private company, manufacturer and exporter of fast moving consumer goods in three main categories – products for Personal care and Home care, Hygiene paper products and Foods. Established in 1994, today Ficosota has a long and time-tested portfolio of brands, which are well known and approved in over 75 countries across the globe. The company is NetSuite Customer since 2014


Finis Inc, a US company established in 1993 is specialized in manufacture and distribution of innovative, high-quality swimming products. They sell their products online through their website Finis Inc which is built on the NetSuite platform. The company is NetSuite customer since 2011

Unimasters Logistics is a group of companies -leaders in the field of transportation of goods by air, road and ocean, logistics in the field of the shipping business, and warehouse and port operations. The companies are NetSuite customers since 2017

SellMark OOD is the Bulgarian subsidiary of Sellmark Corporation, USA.It’s business activity is B2B sale of hunting and outdoor devices such as products for night vision, laser sights, boresights, thermal scopes, tactical scopes, the best red dot sights, first aid kits, AR scopes, and camping equipment The company is NetSuite customer since 2018

Avangate is a company established in 2006 with headquarters in the US. The company is a global leader in digital commerce, allowing software companies to accelerate their online sales across each channel, every model, and every market. The companies are using NetSuite and are BTS customers since 2018 and using BTS RO VAT Bundle (RO VAT Bundle)

Go Global Travel is an innovative leading hotel consolidator and a technology provider for the tourism industry. Established in 2000, the company is partnering with over 200,000 Hotels and Apartments in more than 200 countries around the world. The companies are using NetSuite and are BTS customers since 2019 and using BTS VAT Bundles for Bulgaria and Romania (BTS VAT Bundles)

Hyamatrix is a Hungarian company, that sells highly effective anti-ageing cosmetic products from the brand of Hyamatrix. Through a website and resellers and distributors, the company sells its products to B2B customers and end users from Hungary, Czech republic, Poland and Ukraine. The company is NetSuite customer since 2015

Comforties is a group of 5 companies – Varnamed, Comforties,, Rora Real Estate, Lions Intelectual Property, all of them with a Dutch parent company. The companies are selling goods for the health care sector and industries that handle food, cleaning and disinfection products – gloves, mouth masks, dental bibs. and clothing. The companies are using NetSuite and are BTS customers since 2016