Whether you are replacing your existing software or reviewing existing processes and streamlining your business, BTS can assist you. BTS specialize in the sales and implementation of NetSuite but are not restricted to and can assist in the running the implementation of any application or process your company may be looking at.
Service overviews of the offerings from NetSuite can be found below.

Internal Business Systems and Processes Analysis

Internal Business Software Project Management and Change Management

Systems and Processes Change Management

BTS will work with your organisation to analyse what your business processes are, understand where you have issues and where you could improve them both manually and automatically. BTS will help you to evaluate any possible new software solutions to meet your needs or what you would like to add to your existing software.

BTS can assist your organisation to Project Manage any internal software systems changes and the roll out to your employees. This can include helping you choose your software as well as running the project from an internal perspective.

If you have ever implemented a new internal business process or changed software –  you know how hard change management and end user adoption can be. BTS will work with your organisation to help minimise the potential for issues during your change and help ensure a high level of end user adoption, thus helping support a successful project.